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Just got back from a short break and I see this^…

Aw now why can’t we all just get along? *puppy eyes*

I guess it’s for fun but what quote on quote 'dumb tagged post' is mine when the post that I made was about dark times that went on in my life which had relations to my pewdiecry blog(hence the tags)?

Doesn’t phase me though, but to get things straight….

It isn’t me that you have ‘unecessarily tagged’ that has been punked(troll face).

It is you bro that has been punked. Aint mad, just amused at the immaturity of such a being on this planet. 

So I will end this once and for all to get my fair share. LET’S GO!… (Hashtag fever)

#Better #do #more #unecessarilytaggedposts 

#Okay #back #to #editing


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